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The Future of Educational Technology

Immanuel Genius is dedicated to provide the best educational preparation and experience to our students. In order to for us to insure the quality of education our students receive, we place significant investment in our method of assessment. We believe that an advanced assessment program will be greatly beneficial to our school by allowing us to accommodate the changing educational standards of the future and empower our students as learners. This assessment system is a revolutionary and innovative research-based assessment program developed to improve the future of our students’ education. This program has proven its ability to enhance the educational development of children of various ages by utilizing today’s technological advancements to the maximum by assisting hundred of educational institutions around the country with REAL results. It will help us measure the level of responsiveness of our students to our curriculum and challenge us to continuously make improvements for a brighter educational future of our students. Immanuel Genius has chosen this method of assessment because we strive to:

* Provide the educators and the parents’ quick, easy, and secure access to all our students’ individual assessments anywhere and anytime through the web.

* Provide the parents the opportunity to be more involved in their child’s development and engage in additional communication channels with other educators and parents throughout the country.

* Provide continuously updated assessments, which allow the parents to gain valuable knowledge about the student’s strong and weak areas of studies.

* Provide access to customized libraries of activities and updated lesson plans that both the educators and parents may use to help the students improve their weak areas of studies.

* Provide a comfortable and open environment where the students are encouraged to explore and learn by gathering the data for the assessments through everyday work samples and close observation of the educators.

Immanuel Genius believes that the more we learn about our students, the more we can help them in their journey to succeed in life. Our priority, as an educational institute, is to equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish their goals in life.

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